We offer Both English and Western Lessons!

Exceptional Events

and Equestrian Gathering Place

Let our highly qualified trainers help you build confidence and skills that will allow you to enjoy the sport of horseback riding!  We can train riders from beginner to advanced, and age 3 through adults.  We have well trained school horses, a covered, lighted arena and first rate barn to make your learning fun!

We offer private individual and group lessons, as well as hosting several clinics each year.  We train our riders and encourage them to join us in participating in shows and rides at several locations.  We provide transportation for the horses to shows, and rail coaching to insure riders have a great time participating!

For those who may want to own a horse, we offer a lease purchase program for select horses. We can also assist in the selection of a horse if you would like professional help in locating and buying a suitable horse.